Please contact info@runnerstribe.com if you are interested in hiring a Box Altitude tent


Hiring a tent through Runner's Tribe is the perfect way to increase your athletic performance. Whether you are gearing up for a particular event, or want to experience sleeping in an altitude tent before buying, hiring an altitude tent through Box Altitude makes this process simple and easy for you. Live High Train Low in the comfort of your own bedroom.

What’s the altitude tent hire process?

Simply email Runner's Tribe (info@runnerstribe.com) and we will contact you within 24 hours to advise you of availability and pricing. We will then send you an invoice and a rental agreement to sign and return to us. We don’t take a deposit but we do require credit card details in the event of damages or loss. These details are destroyed once rental period has been completed. Once payment has been received your booking with us will be confirmed. We suggest booking your altitude tent as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

Pricing and usage

Box Altitude tents for hire are an affordable, cost-effective way of increasing athletic ability. Our altitude tents can be hired for a minimum of two weeks.

Initial two week rental is $280.

Additional weeks are $100 per week.

See below for additional shipping pricing information.

What is included in my altitude tent hire?

When you hire a tent through Runner's Tribe you will receive:

  • Queen or Single Altitude Tent (depending on your preference)
    • Queen Altitude Tent is ideal for couples and fits easily on a double, queen or king sized bed. Sleeping at altitude has benefits for anybody and everybody. Even if you are an athlete and your partner is not, they will still receive the benefits of increased metabolism (resulting in potential weight loss) and will have more energy
    • Single Altitude Tent fits on any sized bed. If you have a partner who does not wish to sleep at altitude this is an ideal solution as you can still sleep alongside each other without both needing to be in the altitude tent. Also ideal for single sized beds
  • Hypoxic Sleeper machine (generator)
  • Tubing
  • Oximeter
  • Tutorial for set-up and advice on usage

Customer support

We have tried to create a system which is simple and easy to use. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support and are available to answer your questions and will always attempt to answer any queries on set-up and use within the day of your enquiry.

Additional accessories

Our Hypoxic Sleeper machines are multi-purpose and can be used for hypoxic training use. At your request we can provide use of a mask for training purposes at additional cost.

Shipping and collection of hire within Australia

Once hire has been confirmed, our altitude tents can be collected from our base in St Kilda East, Melbourne at no additional cost. Alternatively, we offer a flat rate of $200 for return shipping to all Australian metropolitan centres. We also ship to regional Australia and can calculate any additional shipping cost involved.

International hire

At this stage we do not offer international hire.

Please contact info@runnerstribe.com if you are interested in hiring a Box Altitude tent


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